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February 27th, 2003 - brinklj

About February 27th, 2003

Explicit content: read at you own risk 09:05 am
So... we had a strange moment at the trailer last night... I'm sitting there with my friend Nathan's dog Boo in my lap, and all is good. My friend Jensen gets up and informs us all that he has to take a shit, not sure why, but that's what happened... I notice that it reeks in my general vicinity and ask Jensen if he didn't already take a shit... then I notice that Boo, the dog, has the squirts, and has squirted my leg... I tell Nathan that his dog just shit on my leg and he freaks and grabs her and goes to take her outside.. well all the while she is unable to control what she is doing so Nathan pretty much drew a big smileyface in the carpet with the squirting dog... We are all laughing our asses off as Nathan finally just sets her down so she won't spread it any more. She grunts really loud and shoots this GIANT Squirt all over Jensen's shoe. At the sight and smell of this Jensen begins to retch, loudly, causing Corbin to retch, LOUDLY...Please note that everyone is still laughing hysterically, and poor Boo has no idea what is going on. I take off my now dirty pants and run outside to get away from the retching. It's like 5 degrees outside and snowing but I can't go inside because I'd surely throw up and can't put my pants back on because they have shit all over them. Then Jensen runs outside and begins to spew all over the porch which makes me spew too... all while laughing very hard... the neigbors were outside too... god knows what they thought. Eventually all settles down and Nathan now knows not to feed boo Tuna...
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